As we reach the year end, businesses across the country will be taking stock and assessing performance over the last 12 months.A big part of this process is reviewing investments made over the period and analysing ROI.

Here at Lookout Call, we have heard from a number of companies who are currently assessing the performance of their lone worker safety solution, and considering the cost/benefit balance of their existing system. Public sector companies in particular, with the threat of more cuts looming, are taking a very hard look at lone worker safety and seeing where money can be saved without compromising lone worker protection.

The business ROI argument for a lone worker safety system is based on the premise that one litigation claim could cost £20,000 upwards. In reality, an incident is unlikely and this is what discourages so many businesses from investing in a lone worker safety solution in the first place: they are perceived as expensive and unnecessary with the costs far outweighing the benefits.

The answer is very simple. Don’t buy on a lone worker safety system that relies on costly dedicated hardware. Instead, invest in a lone worker application, such as Lookout Call, that runs on the mobiles your employees have on them anyway and are comfortable with using.

As a lone worker safety system provider, we would always encourage businesses to use an automated system (even if they ultimately choose another provider) to protect lone working staff and also as an insurance to minimise the potential for claims. But for companies looking to reduce overheads and maintain lone worker protection, there really is no credible alternative to Lookout Call; with its established system, friendly 24/7 support team and unbeatable ROI. Prices start from as little as £2 per user per month and, as it’s a mobile-based system, there is absolutely no expensive capital outlay for set-up.

Contact Lookout Call now for a free trial of our established mobile-based lone worker safety system.