Lookout Call has signed a reseller agreement with Redbrook Communications to sell its mobile-based lone worker safety system.

Redbrook Communications, an independent reseller of unified communications solutions, approached Lookout Call because research showed its existing customers wanted a mobile-based lone worker safety system that specifically supported iPhones.

Mark Grundy, director of Redbrook Communications, is now in discussion with several large estate agents who, following several high profile incidents within the industry, understand the risks associated with lone worker management and want a cost-effective solution to mitigate them.

“Estate agents are very aware of the risks associated with their staff but understandably they want value for money from any investment they make. A mobile-based system like Lookout Call avoids expensive capital costs and offers exceptional protection to staff via their mobiles – something they are used to carrying around with them,” explains Mark Grundy.

“Lookout Call also actively supports iPhones giving the system a huge advantage over its competitors.”

Brian Caddy, sales manager at Lookout Call, added: “We are delighted to be working with Redbrook Communications. They clearly believe in the product and see how it can benefit customers looking for a cost-effective lone worker solution.”

Lookout Call is seeking further distribution partners to add to its network of UK resellers. If you are interested in working with Lookout Call, please get in touch now.