At a recent lone worker safety conference Steve Collins, CEO of personal security training specialists PS5, gave a talk on personal safety, emphasising that the “your safety is your responsibility”. You can see where he is coming from. When it boils down to it, in practical terms, only you could save yourself in an attack situation – whether by fighting back or making your escape.

Steve Collins’ safety program REACT is very highly regarded and encourages people to tap into the ancient part of their brains, which manages our primal survival instincts, to train them to react more instinctively in an attack situation.

At Lookout Call we believe that personal safety protection training, on its own, is simply not enough to protect lone workers or demonstrate robust Duty of Care. Yes, it could help someone to recognise risks and mitigate them preventing a situation from escalating.

But what if you stand no chance of calming down a situation? Or you’ve already been attacked? Who contacts the emergency services? Who ensures you are found safely? Only an automated lone worker safety system, such as Lookout Call, offers that around the clock protection and a guarantee of alerting the right people in the event of an emergency.

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