Ormiston Families has been supporting children, young people and their families across East Anglia ever since 1969 when Fiona Ormiston Murray and her husband were tragically killed in a car accident on their honeymoon. The Murray Family established the Ormiston Trust to create a living memorial to a woman who loved children but was denied the chance to have her own.

Ormiston Families now manage an increasingly diverse range of services and have used ‘Lookout Call’ successfully for several years to monitor the safety of their lone workers.

What initially prompted you to seek an automated lone worker service?

We were looking for a system that would provide a safety and emergency service for our lone workers, as they work in a range of challenging situations.

What roles do your lone workers perform – and the degree of risk?

Our lone workers meet with many service users on a one-to-one basis, many of whom are vulnerable and some who live in a challenging environment. Some situations that our lone workers find themselves in could potentially escalate quickly to become unsafe. The Lookout Call system gives the lone worker additional reassurance if this were to occur.

How useful have you found the service?

The Lookout Call system has been thought out very well, enabling our charity to ensure our lone worker’s personal information is accessible in an emergency. The support team are always available to respond to any queries we might have on managing the system to better reflect the changes within our charity.

Lookout Call is the ideal solution for any ‘not for profit’ organisation which requires an affordable & simple to use mobile phone-based system.