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In this blog, we take a look at the benefits of remote working for both staff and companies.


Lone Working has been on the increase for several years as organisations reach out to clients and minimises the need for additional premises to cope with increasing caseloads.
Remote or home working is an alternative form of lone working and one that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with specialist freelancers and companies dedicated

This form of working brings a range of benefits and we rather liked the below from Remote.co, which provides a nice overview of some the advantages you may not have considered,

“Here are just 6 of the many interesting benefits of remote work and virtual workplaces.
Your staff will be more productive.
If you let an employee work from home, he’s sure to slack all day and miss his deadlines, right? Wrong. Studies have shown that a telecommuting staff is more productive than in-office workers. Chalk it up to not having chatty coworkers and more time to focus on work for just some of the reasons why they’re more productive.
They won’t have to commute!
You’d be hard-pressed to find an employee who actually enjoys his daily trek into an office. Without having to start their workday with a lengthy commute, crushed into a train car, smushed on a bus, or being jostled on a busy city sidewalk, telecommuters can start their workday earlier and dedicate more time to the job.
It’s more eco-friendly.
Having a brick and mortar office does not an eco-friendly office make. If you calculate all of the electricity being used to run the office, along with energy-guzzling office equipment, and money spent on office supplies, like paper and ink cartridges, it’s actually the opposite of being environmentally-friendly. As a remote employer, each member of your workforce who works from home greatly reduces his carbon footprint by not having to commute into the office. Fewer office supplies are used, and energy used to run their home offices is also lessened.
Your staff will be in better health.
With more time in their workday, remote workers often incorporate more physical exercise into their day than office workers, who are either stuck in the office or commuting to and from their homes. Why does this matter? Well, a healthy workforce means a more productive one, with fewer personal days taken off to go to doctors’ appointments, or worse, an employee who might need to take medical leave or even quit because he can’t make it into the office anymore.
They’ll be more loyal.
When you give your employees the ability to customize their schedule so that they can better balance their professional life and their personal life, an interesting thing happens: they become grateful. In turn, their gratitude manifests itself in the form of loyalty towards the company. A loyal staff equals great productivity and decreased turnover, which, as any employer knows, is a great cost savings.
It’s much cheaper.
Sure, you’d like to have your entire staff centrally located in one office, where you can watch them work, collaborate together, and have face-to-face time with them whenever you want it. But all of that comes at price, in the form of super expensive office space costs, office supplies, and equipment. Having a virtual staff virtually reduces all of those expenses to zero!
It’s obvious that the benefits of remote work benefit both employers as well as employees. So take the necessary steps to ensure that your company goes to the next level with a remote workforce! ”
Read the original post here: https://remote.co/6-interesting-benefits-of-remote-work/