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5 Types of Lone Worker That Need to be M...

Many of us find ourselves working alone at some point of the week. We would not usually consider this as a serious risk until something  goes badly wrong. Issues of lone working were thrust into the public eye last year after the abhorrent events at Ladbrokes. Those that were unaware of the importance of adequate […]

Tips for Small Businesses Employing Lone...

Tips for Small Businesses Employing Lone Workers

With an estimated 8 million lone workers in the UK, it has never been more important that employees are adequately protected from dangers whilst working alone. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect lone workers and risk criminal prosecution for serious accidents that occur during working hours if suitable procedures aren’t in place. With this […]

A Safer Approach to Lone Working

A Safer Approach to Lone Working

There are definite risks for people who are working alone, particularly if they’re in public facing roles and especially when home visiting is required. There can be concerns about the lone worker being vulnerable to crime when out and about or that they may face aggression from the people they are dealing with. “Social Worker […]


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