What is a Lone Worker?

 “Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision”

-Working Alone, The Health & Safety Executive

What should be a simple definition is often confusing for staff and employers alike. Technically Lone Workers are employees who work on their own or work remotely. They may be referred to as remote workers, solitary workers or mobile workers.

Many employees work independently but are not classed as lone workers as they share the same premises as their colleagues or work in team. ‘True’ lone workers are individuals who are in some way isolated by their role.

These staff members often face unique challenges & risks during the course of their duties, ranging from simple accidents & verbal aggression, to physical violence.

Automated personal safety systems help organisations ensure the safety of their remote working staff. They ensure that employees’ well being is monitored at all times, and allow staff to alert head office if they feel in imminent danger.

Lone workers include those who:

  • Make home visits. eg Carers, Midwives, Health Visitors and similar professionals
  • Are required to visit remote sites/ installations. eg Engineers, Technicians, Surveyors
  • Undertake client visits. eg. Estate/ Letting agents,  Housing Officers, Travelling Beauticians
  • Home workers & the self-employed who work independently
  • Night staff. eg Petrol Station Attendants, Security Guards