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Tips for Small Businesses Employing Lone...

Tips for Small Businesses Employing Lone Workers

With an estimated 8 million lone workers in the UK, it has never been more important that employees are adequately protected from dangers whilst working alone. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect lone workers and risk criminal prosecution for serious accidents that occur during working hours if suitable procedures aren’t in place. With this […]

Massive Fine For South West Water

The death of lone worker Robert Geach at Falmouth Water Treatment Works in December 2013 was “an accident waiting to happen” according to the judge sitting at Truro Crown Court on 21 April 2017. Robert had fallen into a filtration tank and drowned in 6.5 feet of water.  He had activated his lone worker alarm […]

Follow-Up; Accredited ARCs & the URN Sys

Our previous blog “A Quiet Earthquake; Changes to Lone Worker Guidelines” was well received and sparked considerable debate about the varying lone working standards and their implications for users. As a result we thought the issue required further discussion based on some of the comments we received from readers. Do you have a topic you […]


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