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Interesting Feedback from Trainers

Anyone with experience of training lone workers often notice they are happy to divulge the full details of a serious incident during a training session, but are quite reluctant to report the matter to supervisors. The most common reasons for this unwillingness to share vital information may be briefly summarised as follows: Belief that nothing […]

Are your Staff Reluctant to Report Incid...

Health & Safety is a matter which all organisations need to prioritise highly. Employers can face costly fines for failing to take the safety of employees seriously enough. Solicitors which previously regarded ‘lone worker safety’ as a minor topic now have whole teams which specialise in workplace incidents and provide apprehensive employees with a lot […]

Buddy System vs Lookout Call

In theory, a Buddy System should work. All the lone worker has to do is remember to ‘check in’ with nominated colleagues at agreed times, before and after each appointment/task or journey. In practise, it usually doesn’t work because life gets in the way. Things can happen unexpectedly and it is very easy for a […]


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